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Tow Truck Drivers Face Numerous Risks Around the Roads

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Tow truck drivers serve the general public. They supply absolutely crucial services in eliminating damaged, wrecked and handicapped vehicles from the streets. They also supply non-towing services like locksmith solutions and changing tires. Alas, a number of these tow truck drivers don’t take basic security precautions to themselves and consequently are hurt or killed in the line of duty.

Death and dying is a fact of the towing business. The very nature of the towing business is coping with handicapped vehicles and mishaps. It may be a really dangerous endeavor because accidents can occur at any moment and without previous warning. Tow truck operators shouldn’t presume that accidents won’t ever happen to them. At any time they could be severely injured or killed. Fatalities of tow truck drivers are happening in an ever-increasing basis.

Lately, a 47-year-old operator at Louisiana died after being struck by a truck while he was clearing debris in the roadway following an earlier accident. In the time of this crash that he had been standing on the shoulder of the street.

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An 18-year-old operator had been struck and killed while he was attempting to assist a driver with a flat tire. In the time of the accident he’d pulled over into the back of the street.

A Florida operator has been murdered while he was planning to tow a vehicle from Interstate 95. He was putting out his or her robes. In the time of this accident he had been putting down the previous cone when he had been struck.

A number of the accidents involving tow truck drivers occurred while they were loading vehicles, changing tires or doing other jobs while still working around the emergency shoulder of the street. The motorists might have been working or standing under disabled vehicles following an effect. Additionally they could have been distracted and not paying attention to their environment.

“Move over laws” are enacted goal to protect emergency workers. The objective of these laws is to protect emergency responders working along the roadside. This legislation requires drivers to maneuver away in your vehicle by one lane should they detect emergency vehicles with sirens or flashing lights. If they cannot move more than one lane they need to lower their speed below the posted speed limit. This legislation includes law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances and tow trucks with flashing lights whose drivers are doing their street service responsibilities.

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Even though”Move over laws” can help safeguard tow truck operators injuries still happen. Drivers should execute their responsibilities in a way that’s secure for themselves and their clientele. Some of the manners tow truck operators threaten their own lives are as follows:

  1. Altering a car’s tire onto the traffic side of this Street
  2. Standing partly in the traffic lane
  3. Walking with their backs to visitors

Tow truck operators must acknowledge the dangers of their tasks and take the required steps to be secure. They need to always look closely at their environment and visitors and avoid taking unnecessary risks. They work diligently to serve drivers. Regardless, it’s necessary that they return home safely .

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