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White Label Reseller Hosting Explained

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It is human nature to find something additional in that which we have. If I am incorrect, this is particularly true concerning cash. Getting additional cash besides your everyday bread is something we humans are constantly trying to find. A lot of you’ve found some methods to make additional income.

But occasionally it may become hard to handle your everyday job in addition to the company you’ve got set up to make additional. So, how about finding a straightforward and effortless means to handle company that can get you tens of thousands of cash? Sounds interesting ?

Are you aware you could set your own hosting enterprise? Reseller hosting is the trick to getting started with your Domain and Web Hosting service in Bangladesh company and that also with your own name. Thus, you’re likely to become a owner of this business today. Congratulations!

But one query could surely strike your mind — would my company get established on the industry? Of course ! The simple logic is that there are numerous bodily companies which are turning towards internet platform. After getting their sites developed, they’re going to need a hosting service for hosting their own site. Now, even though there are many web hosting providers on the current market, if your hosting service is cheap, dependable and consumer friendly, certainly your company will do well.

You may begin your hosting company with your own brand name only if your server provides hosting that is white. Let us enter the facts about white tag reseller hosting.

Domain and Web Hosting service in Bangladesh

White Label Reseller Hosting

When other celebrations re-brand the hosting goods of one firm so as to conceal the relation between the celebration and business operator, it’s known as white label reseller hosting. This attribute is important once you’re attempting to pay off the hosting providers of additional firm.

Who Can Opt for White Label Hosting?

With white tag hosting, everyone can construct their particular hosting company. If you’re a web programmer, web designer or entrepreneur intending to initiate a new company, white tag hosting could be a very lucrative business for you. Therefore, it means any person who’s interested in hosting providers can decide on white label hosting. It’s a flexible business enterprise. All of your technical requirements are cared for by your hosting service supplier like server maintenance and direction to make your project simple.

How The White Label Program Works?

In white tag hosting, you are able to charge more to a client for the product that you are selling compared to the price you’re purchasing from the internet host. This is a quicker solution and may save your money and time as you’re selling the readymade products developed by somebody else.

Your Customer Places an Order via Your Website

It’s extremely easy for the clients to place a purchase from the site. They could pay you online right in your accounts.

You Setup Your Clients Account on MilesWeb Server
MilesWeb handles the host management endeavor.

Your Customer Receives an Automated Email
Your clients get an automatic welcome email using their brand new logins.

Looking for White Label Reseller Hosting? MilesWeb gives you White Label Reseller Hosting at only Rs.290/mo.

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting

If you’re a freelance web developer or operate a large scale service, then it is always much better to enlarge your services and search for new ways to serve your clients. Below are the various ways white label reseller hosting may benefit your company:

Give Broad-Range of Services

Are you a website designer or provide search engine optimization services? Should you add hosting for your own services, it is going to make easier for the clients to find everything beneath one-roof. Whenever someone is looking for your market solutions, the person or company is more inclined to choose your business which delivers all requirements at the same area. Clients will adore your brand since you’re saving their money and time.

This will gain you? As you’re a one-stop-shop, you’ll have the ability to charge more because you provide premium services. By way of instance, instead of merely offering designing support, you’ll also help clients to host their site. Clients will gladly pay you longer as they do not have to discover a hosting supplier and squander their valuable time. Their hope on your company increases.

Extra Income

Firms cover the hosting support either monthly or yearly. As soon as they install their site, you won’t need to care for the host maintenance or direction. If anything goes wrong on the machine, it is possible to call your host’s support staff to solve the matter. Without a doubt when you recommend a hosting agency for a web designer, you earn a referral fee, but that is only for one time.

When you provide hosting, you’ll get recurring payments from the clients. This implies your income will increase quickly, particularly once you pick a fantastic excellent reseller program. The costs of a reseller account are rather reasonably priced and thus that you may readily pay them. You’re able to regain your costs with only few clients that buy hosting, based on how far you bill them.

  1. Helps in Customer Retention
    When your clients purchase hosting alongside other solutions, it is going to become easy to keep them. Clients will visit you for designing their own site however, they will even should host their site on a host sothey will certainly purchase hosting from you. You’re including hosting also on your designing bundles means you’ll create a long-term relationship together. They’ll always remember your name and you’ll be the first individual to whom they’ll call when they want web-related services.
  2. Minimizes Space Requirements
    If you wish to host multiple sites, you need top quality servers. These servers need constant maintenance in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. Obviously, there’s a great deal of work to do if hosting is not the only service you’re providing. However, with white tag hosting, you do not have to keep the servers in your workplace. This means that your space needs become reduced and you have the ability to conduct your company from a house office.
  3. Leave the”Dirty” Work For Your Web Host
    When you pay hosting solutions, you do not need to be concerned about the issues which happen on the machine. If some of your clients has a issue with the hosting program, you can contact the hosting company and their specialists will aid in troubleshooting the issue. This assists in saving your own time, letting you concentrate on your company.
Domain and Web Hosting service in Bangladesh

Common Features Included in White Label Hosting

The hosting firm where you’re likely to buy the reseller program will determine the listing of additional services you’ll be supplying to your clients. Several reseller hosting packages will include similar features to those listed below:

  1. Billing Integration
    Virtually all reseller plans comprise WHMCS billing applications which aids you in the simple billing of your clients and may also handle their payment strategies. This removes the hassle of guaranteeing that your clients are paying you on time.
  2. Personal Name Servers
    With personal name servers, you’ll have the ability to distinguish your brand and also the hosting supplier from whom you’ve bought hosting. So, personal name servers are rather important.
  3. Easily Scalable
    Reseller hosting permits you to scale the server up resources once the range of your customers increase or the website you’re managing requires more server tools.
  4. Easy-to-Use Control Panel
    Control panel is quite crucial for site administration. You may handle your customers’ accounts, make backend alterations, assess PHP version of your customer, make an FTP accounts and a whole lot more.
  5. Domain Name and Email Integration
    You’ll acquire reseller accounts that permit you to sell email add-ons, domain name registration services and other perks. If you add these to a hosting service, then it requires your support to another level.

How Can I trigger White Label Reseller Hosting?

WHM is a admin control panel that’s contained in your own reseller hosting package. This sector leading reseller tool can help you to handle all facets of hosting plans for the clients.

You’ll get an option from the control panel which will permit you to get the control panel along with your name and company logo. This will not allow the consumers know that you’re a reseller. Alternatively, you will function as a different hosting firm providing support to them.

For establishing white tag option, you need to have a domain name you will utilize to your own Nameservers.


Web hosting will probably always be in demand before the world wide web exists. Additionally, with white tag hosting you do not need to take care of any expensive or hard issues of your host, because all is handled by your hosting provider.

But it’s necessary to do research when thinking about the best reseller hosting strategy to your company. You’ll have to locate a server that provides quality support and the ideal kind of server surroundings to you in addition to your clients.

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