Stop Smoking With an Aromatherapy Mask

Posted by on May 16, 2020 in Health |

If you happen to really want to stop smoking you should try to make it as easy to achieve as possible. It’ is always a good idea to replace a bad habit with a good an individual, and that’s where aromatherapy really comes into its own in being able to help those who are determined to quit smoking.

When I stopped smoking I put to use an Aromatherapy device in the form of a mask, which is easy construct. All you need is a protective KN95 Protective Mask, such as is used to protect against dust and other particles, like saw dust. You will also will need cotton wool pads, and the circular variety, of about couple of inches diameter, are ideal. The idea is to insert the very pad within the mask, and impregnate it with two to three drops of your favourite essential oil. I have used lavender and pinus radiata to great advantage. Fit the mask over your personal nose and sit back and inhale the aromatic vapours.

How long you sit back, or meditate wearing the mask depends on various factors, including how long you have to spare. If you choose lavender, sit back and imagine that you are walking through a subject full of lavender in full bloom, and picture the vapours uploading and cleansing your lungs. Compare the sensation with for every believe you experience when you light up a cigarette, and you will totally what you have been missing. Of course you will have to stop smoking while you dress yourself in the mask, which will assist by covering your mouth, in addition to preventing you from doing so.

Initially, it is best to start this procedure over a weekend, or period when you have a little time to you. The idea is to replace your smoking habit with a specific thing much more pleasant. Not to use as well as smoking, but instead for. If you do as I did, you will not only use your mask when sitting down, because it’s just as easy to walk around wearing the cover up as sitting. If you feel a little odd wearing the face mask, do so when you have a few hours to spare on your own. However , there usually are other people close to you, who will be as pleased as you as you succeed and stop smoking.

There are lots of different essential oils to assist you to quit smoking. They really are relaxing and work very well through visualisation as suggested in the field of lavender example. It’s simply as nice to use pine and picture yourself walking through the bushes, breathing in the restorative vapours from the pine forest. Basically add two or three drops, of whatever takes your fancy, plus float away from cigarettes to a new and healthier community.

It may be as well to pass on a word of warning. Ankle sprain not seen anything recorded about vapours from significant oils doing any harm, but if you have any negative effects, you should stop, and follow some other course to stop using cigarettes. These oils are highly concentrated, and they are not recommended to always be applied to the skin in their undiluted form. I found that the hide I used, of the dust protection variety, was adequately large to hold the cotton wool pad without it all touching the skin. Therefore , it was ideal for purpose, but at the time used, the pads should be safely disposed of.

Smoking is not really peaceful but you may have kidded yourself into thinking that it is. Aromatherapy is proven to be relaxing and I can vouch that it really does work. So when you first make up your mind to stop smoking, wear your individual mask instead. It prevents you from putting a cigarette in your mouth, and offers a soothing, and satisfying alternative.